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I had the same issue on my phone. Unable to switch to a dumb phone because of job requirements. Along with using some sort of ritual, I use an app on my phone called "forest" (iphone). Does a pretty good job of locking me out of distracting apps for chunks of time.

I like this question. I'll see what other better answers come out out of it.

Which features would a dumb phone need for you to consider to switch?

Semi-computer functionality. I'm often working remote without access to a good wifi connection. Website goes down, I have to be able to respond no matter the time. Smartphone allows basic troubleshooting and provides notifications easier than standard SMS (notifications through slack and other apps).

Any recommendations?

Yeah that's a tough one being on-call. Think you need a smartphone. Or setup some IFTTT triggers to notify you via SMS for emergencies. Sorry I don't have a better suggestion!

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