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> people can assume things they don't participate in are simple, stupid, and trivial

I do not "assume" that web technologies are stupid. I know they're stupid and I can prove they're stupid. Where shall I start? Javascript? All of the W3C issued mess? All the damage left from the browser wars?

This guy said it all much better than I can: http://beauty-of-imagination.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/tcltk-vs...

When you have something to compare with, something as simple and beautiful as Tk, all the complexity of the modern web looks like a steaming pile of stupidity.

That was an interesting read. I'm not familiar with Tcl/Tk. To help me understand, are you saying that the "web" should remain as purely a hypertext platform and that any application should be built using something like Tcl/Tk? E.g. a program provided by your bank to interact with your accounts? If these are pure applications, how are they discoverable in the way that search engines make the internet so useful?

Do you find anything useful in the compile to js (or even html/css) world like Elm, PureScript, etc.? Do these provide clean wrappers to broken systems?

I certainly find the entire front end world (html/css/js and various compilation of those) painful, and I would definitely enjoy a better paradigm.

It must be possible to keep the current structure (some form of a DOM plus a scripting language with a full access to it), and still have a dead simple Tk-like event model around it.

It's all about overengineering. Tk demonstrated that all this stuff is fundamentally easy. But the modern web technologies are overengineered to such an extend that anyone touching them draw back in fear.

So, yes, now the only way to put all that complexity under control is exactly this - things that compile to js (+ css + html), that can hide the overengineered parts of the underlying ecosystem and only expose simple, obvious interfaces. PureScript is a right thing.

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