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Social feeds, open chat rooms, getting followers—these are all ingredients of an highly addictive product, the typical instant gratification product of our generation. At work you do not need that shit. Normal Facebook can be excellent for professional networking and sometimes way better than Linkedin but why Facebook for productivity?

You want to communicate? Every productivity solution has some chat, which can extend in seconds to a multi-user chat, to a call or video call (Hangouts, Office365). But yeah you can also use Slack, Hipchat or whatever, no rocket science for a decade. You want a feed of your coworkers? Why? You want to follow coworkers? Why? You have Facebook already.

Email, messaging, video calls, an office with collaborating features and a task/ticket management solution. THAT'S IT, you do not need more. Depending on the industry and profession some more and specialized stuff might be required (such as CRM, SFA).

I am wondering how the Facebook London remote team got the approval for this nonsense from Zuckerberg.

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