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This is a product I would actively shun.

For better of worse, my prejudice of facebook is that it is an outstanding source of the following types of content:

Humblebrag b.s. instagram photos

passive aggressive shitposting about politics

I can use social networks at work- but if they actually brought facebook in and demanded that we used it, I might consider quitting. I'd probably write a python script to repost random technical shit from a reasonable set of Twitter sources. But no way would I be happy about bringing facebook into my office.

Do you really think people would post the same stuff to their 'work feed' as their 'personal feed'?

Actually you know what.. probably

I didn't even realize it happening, but that's exactly what my LinkedIn feed has become, complete with memes and motivational JPGs.

What you found on Facebook at Work at Facebook were mostly very thoughtful product and engineering discussions: data-based arguments and clear articulation of company decisions.

You need higher-ups to start the trend, and answer tough questions candidly, but once that is the case, people with things to say will put forward similarly clear and pointed arguments.

Suppose you had to choose between Facebook and Sharepoint? Or maybe a really field-besotted Jira.

The user experience of SharePoint is so bad that MS should consider pursuing a patent for "a method for shitposting deterrence."

You'll need to qualify that critique, because the SharePoint installs I've consulted on have ended up with quite a high acceptance and use rate and have seen employees self-elect (without forcing them) to stop using email and shared drives for file collaboration).

It's possible your experience with SharePoint was more an issue with who configured it. Or that you're thinking of SP2007?

SharePoint is really good for shared files. But that is what it was created for. It is called Microsoft Office SharePoint. If you turn on Publishing Pages you can make is work as in intranet portal. But you have to work at it, there is a bit of friction involved in doing something as seemingly simple as making a webpage. The issue tracker/tasks feature is... "usable". I wouldn't use SharePoint for anything else than those features.

P.S. I've been involved in rollouts (as a subsite admin, not IT) of SP2007 and SP2013.

Exactly this. I want to clarify- I'm not a sharepoint hater. It just has some uglies that prevent people from easily posting stupid things.

If you are going to post something stupid, you have to be MOTIVATED to do so on sharepoint.

> It just has some uglies that prevent people from easily posting stupid things.

> If you are going to post something stupid, you have to be MOTIVATED to do so on sharepoint.

I suppose I'd call that a feature, then :)

My company (50k+ employees) still uses SP2007. It is frighteningly painful to use. Slow, asks me to log in multiple times, etc.

Problem is in any large organization the real (and inevitable) choice is "all of the above"

Relevant xkcd: https://xkcd.com/927/

The only way to win is not to play the game.

Those posts aren't coming from facebook - they're coming from the people you choose to add as friends. I choose my friends carefully, and my news feed has none of that :)

Absolutely. I've seen people complain about this on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and so on. It always always ALWAYS comes down to who the people follow or connect to. It's like blaming the phone for a rude caller. The medium is not the problem. The correlation between shitbird friends and shitbird posts on your social media is very high. The only reason people notice is because they're looking at their friends' behavior in a new context, instead of the context(s) where they had become habituated to it. Clue train: some of your college friends don't seem so cool when you're all grown-up and sober.

Also, while you can blame your shitty Twitter or Quora experience on "random Internet strangers" posting crap, your Facebook feed is literally who you associate with in real life. It's a pretty decent mirror. Looking at it may be uncomfortable, so people blame the medium instead.

This. Quality of your feed reveals the a) quality of the people you associate with, and b) quality of your interest (what doesn't come from your friends comes from fanpages you liked).

Note that you can use various controls to mute the kind of posts you don't like and encourage ones you like. Facebook feed is kind of like a mirror of oneself ;).

Your prejudice is wrong. I see nothing of that on my feed.

Sounds like you might need to unfollow a few people

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