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I clicked this hopeful that Facebook had made a new product tailored to the needs of an office. Instead it seems like they recently decided that their existing product just happens to already be the perfect product for the office and rebranded it.

I don't buy this at all, teams don't actually collaborate by sending each other green giraffe stickers.

Facebook actually uses Facebook heavily internally. Groups, calendars, etc. It's certainly not a mandate, it's used because it works for them.

I'd argue that they consciously make it work for them internally, despite lots of pain points solved by other tools better suited for the job.

For example, Zuck says he runs the company via Messenger - but a chat tool without selective muting/@mentions (or equivalent) is bound to be messy at the scale at which he's working. Similarly, Facebook's group chat isn't the best archival tool, nor does it support features like merging posts or transferring them from one group to another.

You're assuming that Facebook internal is the same, feature by feature, as commercial Facebook. I promise you it isn't.

If they turned that version into a service that could run on-premises, inside a company's network, then I think they could have a real chance at becoming the communication and coordination medium for most companies.

> For example, Zuck says he runs the company via Messenger - but a chat tool without selective muting/@mentions (or equivalent) is bound to be messy at the scale at which he's working.

He does; he’s a bit of an outlier in how he can handle intense communications, but Messenger at his scale is not less manageable than e-mail — it mainly encourages extreme brevity.

The information filtering is done using groups and notification that allow everyone to target their attention; his is focused on high-level groups that distill details from other working groups.

There's no mandate in my company that users stick with Google Apps for calendars, groups, document sharing, etc. But any department that went with their own tool for any of that would be their Island that wouldn't interoperate with the rest of the office.

That doesn't mean that Google Apps is the best tool, or even that it works well for everyone, but it means that people are willing to put up with a less than perfect solution that's integrated with the rest of the company.

So a kind of vendor lockin.

Of course in the above FB scenario this is not a problem because they're the vendor.

I can see that working wonderfully for Facebook, because it's all internal. But other companies can't really do that, because it's not okay for most other employees at most other companies to do all of their work-related coordination through a third-party.

> It's certainly not a mandate, it's used because it works for them.

It actually is. The vast majority of essential information is in there; HR tools, some IT stuff is based on integration with the Facebook codebase.

They're probably thinking that since so many people are familiar with facebook's UX, it can become the baseline for an office collaboration tool (one with a very small learning curve).

This seems like the kind of safe and boring product you'd make while trying not to get fired before your options vest. As they'd say in the wine industry, "it's well made."

People who use Slack do.

To clarify it's not that emoticons can't be part of how people communicate at work. I just couldn't really believe those exchanges they were showing there. Slack puts the whole conversation right in front of you and makes link and searching really comfortable. The fb share box really isn't meant for that.

Slack charges. When is "Work" going to end up like Parse?

My guess is "Work" is a ploy to get Facebook un-blocked by corporate firewalls.

The business functionality has already existed (since FB uses its own platform internally), so its comparatively minor in engineering effort.

Ha! Nice theory!

No seriously, that's pretty brilliant.

Except that it's on a different domain and won't affect the facebook block.

In fact, this would actually force people to block FB. The worst thing to happen would be for someone to post important information related to company on their personal feed by mistake. If they can login to both the accounts, this is very much possible. Unless, of course, FB for work looks dramatically different from original FB. I don't know, I never tried.

I work for a Large Corp., and FB is not blocked. What is blocked are services like dropbox or google drive. But I can't imagine the security department would allow publishing work-related information to other company cloud.

Facebook At Work is not a free service.

Maybe they killed Parse because it wasn't all about keeping people in their walled garden, and enabled people to duplicate features of facebook. It could be in line with what they did with FBML & facebook apps.

A lot of companies use Booster or Yammer, so there is already a market for that.

It can be interesting to share some technical news or to organize social events (pizza day for the office, hiking week-end). It can be a nice additional source of revenue for Facebook.

My team sends gifs all the time in Slack

People collaborate using stickers (or memes) quite intensively in the last… three companies I worked for (very different from each other).

Some are casual references to insiders jokes, but all were generally clear enough to get the point across and funny enough to soften the blow of disagreeing. Positive reactions with the humour or intensity of an over-excited gif are great to convey not just a green light, but support from higher-ups.

There was a clear bias towards younger people in using those appropriately and consistently.

I agree, the only thing I can think of that this could be useful for is posting photos from last christmas party or collaborating on the next outing

You're right, teams don't collaborate by sending each other green giraffe stickers. I don't know how you got that idea in the first place. If your team only sends green giraffe stickers to each, you should probably leave your company.

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