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What does keynsiean theory have to do with building low quality goods?

I think there's a Keynsian economist who denies that the broken-window fallacy is a fallacy -- who believes that it's better to have to build and continually replace shoddy goods. Does anyone know the details on this?

There's Keynes himself on generating employment by burying money in the ground.


I'm not sure if that example is exactly equivalent to breaking windows and paying people to fix them (for example, maybe it matters a great deal for his view that it's the government which is paying for the demand stimulus).

Found it: it's Paul Krugman who advocates for this -- at least if this link (disclaimer: just skimmed the article, didn't check it or its context for their political views) is accurate: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2013/12/lol-more-proble...

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