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Compound interest isn't a physical system law though, its a human law. Just because it has worked previously because you could continue to extract productivity from labor does not mean that rule will continue.

What if capital loses its value and no longer earns interest? You can't say its not happening, when central banks are charging interest on capital.

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to, but to clarify, I was discussing the potential impact of sustained deficit monetization on Japan's middle class savers via its effects on the monetary base and inflation.

My understanding of your comment was you pointing out the average Japanese saver would be upset about their savings rate being non-existent due to the debt owed to them being internal (and therefore, dependent on central bank monetary policy). My comment insinuated that Japanese savers may have no other options other than an insignificant savings rate due to internal monetary policy and a bleak worldwide investing landscape.

I should've expounded! My apologies!

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