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Capitalism could be indirectly responsible.

One of the causes why people postpone having children is financial insecurity. In their mid-twenties they cannot afford to have a home, they are unable to secure the costs of first few years of raising child, when they don't know if they will have a job in three months and they have zero savings. Add student loans to the mix, popular desires to travel the world, to "live" and it's obvious why the developed countries have problems with natality.

One of the reason of population boom in Czechoslovakia in 1970's was the policy of support of young families. Newly wed pairs were were provided security, they got their own homes, they had job security[1], they got financial support for raising children. It wasn't a luxury, you couldn't lead a lavish life, but you knew that if you have a child, everything will be OK.

[1] we are abstracting from the fact, that in socialist countries it was unlawful to be jobless. You were provided a job, but it didn't have to be a one you would like.

Does Japan have the same issues with student loans and such that USA might have?

Otherwise, thank you for the explanation and I do apologize for my ignorance.

(Also, I'm still confused about the feminism thing)

With the feminism thing, it was some other guy, won't help you much with that, sorry. I'm ignorant about that too.

Might be referring to the fact that many Japanese women choose not to marry and have kids because it is essentially career suicide. There's a very strong cultural bias against working mothers in Japan.

I think he meant the whole thing where women can now decide if the want to keep the baby or not.

Women have always been able to decide, with terrible consequences. Putting up your baby for adoption or abandoning it at an orphanage is pretty old?

Except for the whole part where they would get ostracized from society if people were to find out that they abandoned their child?

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