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> Japan needs to bite the bullet and accept immigration.

Immigration isn't going to solve anything, immigration from where ? Japan isn't the US, they aren't talking English nor their society is build in a way it can accept huge immigration waves.

Japan needs to work on techs that will solve its problems, not resort to a massive immigration wave that will only kick the can down the road.

Not to mention the change immigration could potentially cause in day to day life. In my opinion one of the best things about Japan is the homogeneous and pleasant (in most but not all ways) culture - if I lived there voting for increased immigration would be one of the absolute last resort measures I would vote for.

Alternatives include raising Japan's retirement age from 60 to 70, because they're already raising it to 65 and that's not going to be good enough to deal with the inevitable fiscal situation.

Edit: A lot of people saying "immigration won't work" but not offering alternative solutions.

That homogeneous and mostly pleasant culture is killing itself, apparently. We may get to witness a nation commit suicide, which ought to be interesting from the outside.

I hope the insularity ends up being worth it for them, but history is not on their side.

>That homogeneous and mostly pleasant culture is killing itself, apparently.

No, this is literally the post-WW2 boom dying off. Occupied Japan underwent a period of extreme population growth in the few decades after WW2 ended. They currently have 125mm people living in a land area the size of California which is 75% uninhabitable (mountains).

In my experience, the immigrants and foreign workers in Japan in the highly skilled jobs often don't need much Japanese to do their jobs, but the ones that learn the language have a much easier time and obviously advance quicker. All the people I came in to contact with low skill jobs that had spent any time in Japan, had amazing Japanese because they absolutely needed it because the vast majority of people do not speak any meaningful amount of English.

Japanese is not an easy language to learn, but its not impossible to learn. If people are allowed in then they will learn Japanese

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