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JavaScript frontend/Python backend | mCASH | Oslo, Norway | Onsite/full time

Come to Norway and be part of our mission to become the preferred mobile payment platform for banks and other financial institutions in and outside Europe!

We currently seek:

JavaScript frontend developer, ideally not a stranger to Photoshop either. We use ReactJS today, but as our single dedicated frontend developer you would call the shots on the stack to use,


Backend developer. We use Python on App Engine/Google Data Store/BigQuery, but knowledge and experience of working with transactions, idempotent APIs, test-driven development, is more important than specific Python/App Engine experience.

We offer:

    - A tight-knit team of six talented developers
    - A competitive salary and pension scheme from a company that's well-funded ( http://www.finextra.com/news/fullstory.aspx?newsitemid=27990 )
    - 5 weeks paid vacation
    - Paternal/maternal leave in accordance with Norwegian law (up to 12 months)
    - Fresh, new offices in central Oslo
    - Focused atmosphere, with two developers per office
    - In-house gym facilities
    - Free health care
To apply, send us an email at jobs+hn@mcash.no, or find out more at



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