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Elmar Reizen | Amsterdam | Full Time | ONSITE

We’re one of the largest online travel agents of the Netherlands selling holidays via our website www.vakantiediscounter.nl. We build all our systems in house with our own development team of full stack developers using: Apache Spark for distributed data processing, Play framwork & Akka for our back-end, and React with ClojureScript for our website

We are an informal company using Agile development and best practices to deliver with little overhead, fast time to market, and high quality. We also spend a good amount of time exploring new technologies. We do this all from our beautifully situated office at the canals in the center of Amsterdam.

We are looking for somebody with more than 5 years software development experience. Current work should include Scala or Clojure(Script). Experience with Spark or Solr is a big plus. We offer a good salary, 30 paid holiday days, and support with relocation and 30% ruling.

Do you want to know more about this job? Please drop me a line at sgrijpin@elmar.nl!

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