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Jetabroad (Thailand) | Bangkok, Thailand | Full-Stack, DevOps, Front-End | C#, Python, Powershell | Full-time on-site | http://bkkthailand.jetabroad.com/jobs/

We're solving complex problems in the travel industry our consumer facing site is https://www.jetabroad.com.au - Our technology platform is about getting people from A to B (and C to D to ...) where plenty of NP hard and a bunch of non-optimally solvable problems exist. We span everything from getting a UX experience that delights to ticketing a flight across multiple providers with various payment requirements to mining millions of searches a day to find the best routing combinations.

We're a fun team located in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in south east Asia.

Where exactly are you located in the city?

Also, are you offering US or local-level salaries?

I find most companies setting up here are looking for "world class talent" while offering less than what you would make working remotely / on contract with US-based companies.

Add in a bad commute & local taxes and it's a tough decision to make, even though the social aspect might be rewarding.

We are located near Ploenchit BTS on Wireless Road. We pay international market rates for expatriate talent as we compete with many other large players here in the city. We also pay very competitive salaries for local staff as we want to retain the best people.

Good to know. Thanks.

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