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Square | San Francisco / NYC / Atlanta / Waterloo | ONSITE | Serverside apps, client apps, hardware

Square makes commerce easy and has economic empowerment as a core goal. We are hiring talented software and hardware engineers to build products that empower our sellers. We write software in a variety of languages - Java/Ruby/Go on the server, Java/ObjC/Swift/Kotlin on clients, ES5/ES6/CoffeeScript/Ember on web frontends, Python for ML model development, and generally the right tool for the job. We are committed to building a diverse company and strongly welcome engineers from all ranges of backgrounds.

Come join me in building software that helps businesses run more efficiently, hardware that enables sellers to affordably accept a wide variety of payment instruments, and backend infrastructure that sews our company together and enables our product development!

Please feel free to mail me directly at ewb_at_squareup.com if you would like to explore working with Square, or notify our staffing team via our careers page at http://jobs.jobvite.com/careers/square/jobs . More data about the products that you will be working on is available at https://squareup.com/ - Square goes way beyond payment processing and is building services for payroll, CRM, capital advances, and more.

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