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LeanTaaS | Santa Clara, CA | Full Time | REMOTE & ONSITE | Salary + Equity + Full Benefits

LeanTaaS is the leading healthcare predictive analytics company based in Silicon Valley that combines lean methododlogies and data science to solve the most complex operational problems in the healthcare industry.

We’re a team of ex-Google / McKinsey veterans backed by industry leaders in the healthcare space. Our flagship product, LeanTaaS iQueue, radically improves patient flow in healthcare centers, and is used by some of the nation’s leading healthcare centers.

We are looking for senior Data Scientists and Product Designers. Job descriptions can be found at http://leantaas.com/careers

If you're interested please send resumes and a blurb about yourself to hireme@leantaas.com

Neither are listed on the site.

Product Designer is up there but not Data Scientist--sorry for that. Job description for Data Scientist can be found here: http://smrtr.io/fYPHMw

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