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Amsterdam, Netherlands, | Part-time | On-site | Frontender / Wordpress

Help very ill people around the World get the best treatments as fast as possible.

LoveSteve.com is an amazon for health: A global Store for the latest diagnostic tests and precision treatments for patients who suffer from serious illnesses. Our mission is equal and quick access to the latest precision treatment for anyone.

Our current platform is based on Wordpress / Woocommerce, and needs continuous improvements, mostly on the frontend. For this we are looking for a webdeveloper / frontender with Wordpress experience, and a feel for design. Someone who can improve our online presence and work with the rest of the team.

Onsite in our awesome office in startup hub WeWork Amsterdam. Part-time (16 hrs/week).

Please send me (email in profile) examples of your work and a link to your online projects/resume/github profile.


I am sending my graphic design portfolio , plus my cv for this post . It would be great pleasure to work with this organization



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