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Connexity - Santa Monica, CA (Los Angeles area) | on-site | http://connexity.com

We did it. We ran like mad and survived startup infancy; and now we're growing. Now we're eager to bring a diligent QA Engineer aboard to help batten down the hatches.

#About Connexity

Our team is sharp and works well together. We enjoy perks such as daily paid lunch and unconstrained vacation (don't worry about having to build up enough vacation days for the family reunion); the culture of our team recognizes and respects the importance of your non-work life. You'll fit in well if you bring a strong interest in learning display advertising (banner ads, RTB) inside and out. Attitude, ambition and sound judgement trump experience with a specific set of tools. We're a small team within a medium-sized organization, and we work hard to keep the small-team vibe. Folks tend to enjoy a great deal of ownership and can work with independence to build excellent systems. By that I simply mean that I think we strike a good balance between coordination/collaboration and giving folks a chance to take tasks and run with them to completion.

#Position: QA Engineer

We're looking for someone that enjoys tracing problems through a complex business and technical environment to improve correctness. You ought to be comfortable traversing both internal and 3rd party integrations.

Our tech stack inclues (but is not limited to): - CSS, HTML5, Javascript - C, Scala, Java - Hadoop MR, Storm, Spark

Experience with adtech is obviously a plus. JVM/GC tuning is highly valuable. Performance analysis is useful throughout our stack.

In the last 24 hours, we processed 11.2 billion transactions. Sound like fun?

-- Unless you prefer to start with a HR-oriented chat, you can reach me (a lead engineer on the team for ~5 years) at david.larsen@connexity.com.

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