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* Self destructing cookies

* Better privacy

* uBlock with EasyPrivacy list

* Https everywhere

Self destructing cookies

This looks amazing. Any particular setting one should be aware of or must change to keep things less annoying and smooth?

I turned off the notifications. Didn't need to know every time a cookie blows up.

Self destructing cookies

Chrome gives you the option to delete cookies on quit and has exceptions for whitelisting, is "Self destructing cookies" any different?

Firefox lets you do that natively too. Self destructing cookies deletes the cookies after you close the browser tab, not the entire window. If the browser doesn't provide complete isolation between tabs, this'll make it so the cookie isn't there to harvest from. You can set each site to tab/browser/never too.

This is good, one could add Certificate Patrol to combat MITM attacks.

I use the Perspectives extension for this purpose.

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