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A first look at zsun WiFi SD card reader (nu42.com)
4 points by nanis on Jan 31, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

<tinfoil hat>Be aware that the opkg tool used by *WRT will happily download unsigned binaries over HTTP. Fortunately, the offical repositories for OpenWRT can be accessed via HTTP. Unfortunately, their documentation uses "http://" all over the place instead of "https://" .</tinfoil hat>

It is good to keep this in mind. For now, I have only plugged the thing in to a power bank, and transferred files to it via scp, just to see if things would work. Next on the list is to put together a customized OpenWrt build (one that actually has everything in place for bridging) and will remember this when preparing the config file for opkg.

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