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How an entrepreneur launched a mobile chat system with 18 million users (mixergy.com)
19 points by larrykubin on Feb 3, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

In the words of Dave C. "Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love"

I was hoping that this was going to be a tech-talk about scalability given the title!

You can't make up your own mind?

Serious question: is Mixergy considered a worthwhile site? Haven't I seen it dissed on HN before?


This seems overly harsh. Personal attacks aside, Mixergy does garner a fair amount of respect around here, mostly because the interviews are with actual startup founders who've often built products themselves, both successful and not. I'm actually really impressed with what Andrew Warner's been able to accomplish in so little time.


You made some unwarranted presumptions. I haven't checked out Mixergy myself -- which has no bearing on whether I'm cut out to be an entrepreneur. I was merely asking for others' opinions.

I don't think it's really been dissed, although we can sometimes be a tough bunch of people to please.

They're always really useful interviews. It's like having several more long chapters in the "Founders at work" book.

If there was a Pulitzer for startup interviews, I'd expect Andrew Warner to be nominated.

What I find awesome is that Andrew is able to conduct and produce these videos from Argentina!

He used to live in Santa Monica, and while SoCal startup guys like me were sad when he and his wife moved last year to Buenos Aires, I love how modern technology lets him keep up the pace of interviews just fine from another continent.

http://twitter.com/AndrewWarner Location[:] Buenos Aires, Argentina

Listen to the interviews and judge for yourself. I think it's a life-changing site for sure and you get to hear from industry veterans first hand about a lot of relevant info. What more do you want?

What's your own opinion ? Does it serves you ? Did you have a look ? Which episodes ?

After those questions: I find some episodes quite thought-provoking (some others not).

But in general, it certainly is an interesting resource IMO.

IMHO, Mixergy is the best thing since sliced bread.

I would consider it the current #1 podcast for tech entrepreneurs.

if you would spend few minutes of your time looking what Andrew Warner gives for free on Mixergy you'd probably never ask such stupid "serious" question.

It's extremely worthwhile.

I would sum up HN's general feeling towards Mixergy as "pretty positive." Many proclaim it as a must read for entrepreneurs. Others praise AndrewWarner for always improving his interviewing skills. There's naysayers for sure, but this is the interwebs after all.

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