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The version of AlphaGo used in the paper beats CrazyStone about 99% of the time. Even if we give CrazyStone 4 stones handicap, AlphaGo still beats it 80% of the time.

Very nice. How come you guys didn't enter the UEC Cup? (Edit: rereading this it kind of sounds snarky, not meant that way. Really impressive if you can kick CrazyStone's teeth in...)

Is that with 1200CPU's?

From the paper, no that's with "single machine AlphaGo" which is 48 CPUs and 8 GPUs. Distributed AlphaGo beats Single Machine AlphaGo 77% of the time. (Distributed AlphaGo being 1202 CPUs and 176 GPUs.)

It beats single machine alpha go 77% of the time with four stones handicap. Right?

Looks like the other way round - single machine alphago wins 77% of the time, when it gives 4 stones handicap.

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