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Show HN: Read Hacker News in a Pinterest Way (hnews.xyz)
113 points by valentinvieriu on Jan 26, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 44 comments

I like http://hn.premii.com because it runs articles through the Instapaper API so you don't have to leave the site to read an article. It's also vastly faster than any of the above.

Is the Android version in any free app store?

I like this one (another React version)


Oh that /is/ a good one. Thanks.

This looks great! I like the Comment section. I might steal that idea

do any of these do anything better than http://hckrnews.com

Some of them do something with the comments, unlike hckrnews.com which just provides a link to them. I do use hckrnews.com for my browsing though—the top 20 is very useful.

@wanda Great list! I already know couple of those, but they have the same thing in common, it's just a list with a link. I've tried to offer the user a little bit mode insight into the page, by providing a preview. Hope you will put my implementation to your list :)

Thanks for the list! Querying hn should be part of TodoMVC I guess.

I'm really impressed amount of custom code for Ionic sample!

Take this as constructive criticism, rather than a complaint. But the "pinterest" layout is exhausting at this point. Too many sites use it, and it's the opposite of a good user experience in my opinion. With that said, good for you for working on new projects!

I second this, while also upvoting the OP because I think this is pretty novel and kudos to the author for putting it together.

Scrolling through pictures makes me feel like my IQ loses 20-30 points... I just want more eye candy, rather than carefully reading the text. But I imagine that's more a thing of taste and interaction style, and it's pretty neat that we can change the HN UI to suit our own desires/needs.

If only the same were true for Facebook and the like!

The Pinterest layout really is for the lowest common denominator, and that's why it works for its target audience. However it just doesn't work for anything else at this point.

Cool I guess, but it only serves to make me re-realise how much I dislike the grid layout.

Edit: To be clear, it is nothing against the project itself. Only in general that it makes it hard to scan pages with layouts like this.

I agree - I think this is a great idea and really cool to see. However, when I first went to the site, there was something off putting about it which I couldn't put my finger on. Thinking about it, I think it's the amount of eye movement required to scan the links. With HN, on a wide screen, scanning the stories to find ones I want to read only requires a limited amount of movement, mostly downward, whereas with the grid, I have to scan across the entire screen and after doing so, completing one row, I've only scanned the titles of four stories...

Nonetheless, I like the innovative idea. Thanks for sharing!

This is the first alternative I feel is worth using. It actually adds something to the experience. I already found some articles where the headline was not that interesting but I could see was something worth reading from the image alone. Good job!

Nice. I own the ycombinator.news domain and was planning to do a similar thing but never got to it. If you want it, I'd be happy to give it.

I agree, you should build your own. It's quite fun! I've shared the code on https://github.com/valentinvieriu/visual-hacker-news please feel free to fork it. It's free. The hard part is the caching. I suggest using http://cloudflare.com as a free solution

Put together your own side project!

Cool to see how HN user comunity always shows new ways to read your favorite News Source. I think, first I noticed was http://hack.ernews.info

It is time to make my own HN frontend! :) And this applies, for each of You!

Anyway my favorite frontend/design and UI is still https://news.ycombinator.com as it is fine to read and navigate 500 times per day and also offers the procrastination mode if I declare my self as addicted for compulsive HN site visiting. (Witch I should activate long ago :).

Technologically nice, but I really hate the Pinterest Way so I would never use a website with that kind of layout.

I really like this. I'm sure there's features missing like comments and some kind of visited indicator but I like the thumbs. Helps to give context to the headline.

I'm not getting 500 stories as the description described.

Is there a reason you're using the yeoman favicon? Did the generator put it there?

Should mention you're using koajs, http://koajs.com/, I'm sure folks who haven't used would like to check out your code.

Thank you for the feedback. It was a weekend project, and yes I'm using a yeoman generator for the angular project. I'm using KOA just as a thin web server and also as a proxy to cache the images.

I am glad to see that the grid of images is actually equally aligned, rather than being presented as a jumbled, unequally-aligned mess like Pinterest's grid is.

For certain stories, much nicer to browse this way! For other's, it just doesn't make sense (a single page with heading and code... hmm).

Either way, great job!

Cool. The only thing not yet emulated is the screen blackout forcing you to login or register, but otherwise it's decent.

Exactly what I was about to say, but less cynical than I would have put it. Thank you for sparing us all from my snarky remarks.

OP: Don't degrade your accomplishment by comparing it to Pinterest. The super smooth scrolling makes this feel way better than Pinterest!

Could do with a link to comments.

I'd also like to see comment links. Very cool project and something I would use!

FIREBASE WARNING: Specified Firebase has reached its Peak Connections limit. If you are the Firebase owner, consider upgrading. (https://visual-hacker-news.firebaseio.com)

That's funny. The firebase database I'm using it's the public Hacker News API. Should not have this limitation


Interesting idea. I might look into expanding this. The whole idea with the big thumbnail was that you can quickly have a glimpse at the content before you click on the link. If you are on mobile or tablet, you can almost read half of the landing page.

I like the idea and trying new things. However, here are a few subjective points (I am not a designer!):

* Somehow pinterest pictures paint a richer front page, and that works for them. The frontpages from HN do not give the same pleasing aesthetic.

* What I like about the current front page is that nothing distracts me from the content (headlines). Loads quickly with minimal clutter.

The only improvement I'd like to see is a way to know when I've already visited the link, i.e. purple/light gray links.

I've put it on my list. Glad to see the amazing feedback. I'll make sure I will add more features in the near future.

You made it onto your own front page. Very meta!

Neat project. I would not mind that view occasionally (perhaps as an option) but not all the time. Thanks for the link.

@wanda do you know about HN Cards on iOS? (shameless plug, but it's free so...)

Try replying to them, @'s have no power here

I think this is really cool! Great job!

Kinda cool, but pretty bad on mobile.

Very nice

Love it!

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