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Rss-puppy: A watchdog tool for monitoring RSS feeds (github.com)
54 points by ingve on Jan 24, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Looks interesting. I'm using automated RSS feed monitoring currently with IFTTT and its maker channel. The maker channel is calling my own PHP script when an entry has been added to a third party feed. It's a feed announcing new software releases which I then parse, download, and automatically install on a farm of 8 servers. RSS-puppy in this case could remove the dependency to IFTTT.

Project author here: Totally. And don't get me wrong, IFTTT has a slick interface and I love not having to manage it... but also, setting up more than a few recipes becomes a major time sync

This looks like it would integrate really well with newsbeuter. Having to refresh my full set of feeds is always what's kept me using a cloud-provided RSS reader.

Something like this should support Pubsubhubbub and rss-cloud. After having implemented something like this[0], I based my own feedreader[1] completely on superfeedr[2], which supports those push notifications as well and crawls the feeds in very small intervalls if not. That get rids of the problem of having to refresh the feeds completely.

[0]: https://github.com/onli/rsspusher, now defunct

[1]: https://onli.github.io/feedtragon/

[2]: https://superfeedr.com/

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