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I set up chatlio over 5 months ago for my business. I do not have enough positive things to say about it. We close over 20% of our Chatlio conversations. Here are other highlights:

- Took me under 5 mins to sign up and have this running on our entire site. They use a good CDN, because adding it to our site has had no noticeable increase in page load times.

- Highly accessible. Chatlio leverages all of the notification features built into slack. I couldn't ask for more. Our entire team had access when it was set up, without needing to create new accounts, or log into another site on yet another Chrome tab.

- Great customizations. Check their site for full details, but coloring, language, and contextual stuff (what to say when there is no attendant, etc) is super easy to work with.

- John (the lead at Chatlio, I believe) has been nothing but helpful. When I asked for help making the chat appear on a 10 second time delay, he had the code back to me in less than 20 mins. I was impressed.

- They are already making great updates. They recently launched a 'take screenshot' feature, message editing, and have reporting and operator rating features in the pipeline.

My company struggled with implementing and making a profit center out of live chat functionality. Chatlio has been fantastic. Its worth every penny.

If you want to see a live implementation, ours is here: http://sequoiawaste.com. I'll be hanging out chatting with people who are interested for the next hour or so.

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