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this is probably not the right forum to express this on, but it's what's in front of me right now and it's topical, so here it goes:

I have seen the feature of being able to customize the login screen come up in discussions about gitlab come up so many times, in so many places, and I usually see it met with "EE feature" or a community member saying something like "gitlab is open source just change the files on your server".

This seems like such a basic thing for an open source software like gitlab to just provide out of the box, i can't believe it isn't listed under your " ... an EE feature that is would come up frequently in these conversations ... " that you "would not hesitate to open source". Especially since at least several of the people you're replying to in this thread have mentioned it specifically.

Is gitlab really making enough income from enterprises who decide that this is the killer feature that they need to pay for EE to get?

It seems like a simple matter of moving the gitlab branding on the login page to the footer with a "powered by gitlab" type of thing and a logo.

Please don't take my meaning as a hateful rant, I love gitlab and personally manage 2 seperate deployments of gitlab CE, but i am not ashamed of saying that this is something of a frusteration to me, and I have a hard time taking this

>If there is an EE feature that is would come up frequently in these conversations we would not hesitate to open source it

statement seriously in light of how many times I have seen this seemingly harmless feature shot down for essentially no real reason.

Makes sense, this was also requested by the VideoLAN people in https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10923688

I've made https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/11489 to discuss.

Our CTO and CRO gave their approval, we'll open source the branded login page.

It's great to see such a fast, and positive response. It's a whole league away from companies that don't even give any transparency or feedback! <3

You're very welcome.

I just want to echo hobarrera's comment and say wow, very well done. And Thanks! I'm always ready for another reason to love GitLab.

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