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Introducing TrumpScript – Make Python Great Again (makepythongreatagain.org)
104 points by cannon10100 on Jan 18, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments

This is beautiful. The best. I tell you, the best. We win, we really, really won today. Just look at the polls, no language has won this much. We win. Nobody knows the art of the language better than TrumpScript. I tell you.

You didn't end with "America is great."

This language is gonna be yuge

The Zen of TrumpScript:

Ugly is better than beautiful.

Explicit language is best.

Simplistic is better than simple.

Having complexes is better than being complicated.

Flat world is better than complex world.

Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules, bitches!

Dissidents should never pass silently, unless explicitly silenced.

In the face of ambiguity, fall back to prejudices.

There should be one-- and only one --way to do it: Mine.

Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Donald Trump.

We're currently taking language suggestions via pull request on the repository, if you'd like to contribute

If you want to add it, feel free to just copy and paste :)

>>> from __future__ import presidency

SyntaxError: not a chance

"There are no import statements allowed. All code has to be home-grown and Amerian made."

Would be extremely funny if he have no chance at the nomination.

A lot of people still think he has no chance at the nomination. Their hypothesis is that the Republican field is still very wide, so Trump is capturing the largest piece of the pie, but once other candidates start dropping out, they won't fall to him, but rather concentrate on another candidate.

I tend to believe this has merit since you can position yourself a certain way and gain a lot of popularity with certain segments of the Republican party/conservatives, but distance yourself from the rest of the party. The fact that this group has largely identified itself as the Tea Party and has been around for several election cycles and Mitt Romney, the most moderate of the of 2012 candidates ran away with the nomination in 2012, speaks well to this hypothesis.

I was fed up with the quagmire of other languages, so TrumpScript was a godsend. I was angry! angry! angry! but Trumpscript is the solution! Trust me, it just is!

Some observations:

An innovative new statement construction can be used to make objects immutable on-the-fly. These statements - called insults must be prefixed by a statement of the "I have tremendous respect for <object reference>, but " construction. Following the insult statement, the object will be immutable for a while.

TrumpScript is really bad at interacting with other languages. But why would you?

TrumpScript is more form than function. In fact, it is extremely diffucult to phrase anything concrete using TrumpScript. Unlike other languages, lofty concepts can be expressed even contrary to popular facts.

TrumpScript is neither imperative nor declarative - a language first! While it may look imperative, statements are not in any way affected by previous statements. Indeed previous statements can (and frequently do) contradict later statements. The innovative internal perception engine makes this possible!

I saw this at HackRice yesterday! You guys were pretty funny.

This reminds me of C+=, except that C+= was funnier.

The language should poll all the time since it has great numbers (performance). Event based is for liberals.

Please share and help this be the best, the greatest, and with the most brains, programming language ever.

Could someone please transcribe his speeches and put them up as 'outcommented' python or TrumpScript files on Github?

It would make great boilerplate. and maybe one could put in a variable and two, and try to look at the outcomes in what that man really is saying, numerically.

+probably has some value in traffic, if executed properly.

I am Donald Trump and I approve this message.

Do any of the commands cause it to bomb?

Some people have way too much time on hand :)

America is great.

When did HN turn political?

Flagged. Partisan politics.

Dear Republicans from the USA, do you want Hillary Clinton as president? Cause that's how you get Hillary Clinton as president.

Should I make a comment talking about how satire is the cheapest form of political expression? I know it will get voted down. Bah, who cares. TRUMP 2016!

Not a Trump fan, but I think this is a cheap cash-in. If I want to laugh, I guess I can just go back and read the INTERCAL documentation again, because this isn't funny.

If you want to write a funny esoteric language, ask yourself whether the first example program is seriously funny. If it isn't, put it back in the bin.

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