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Show HN: Git Draw allows you to draw pictures directly into your GitHub heat map (github.com/ben174)
91 points by ben174 on Jan 18, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments

This definitely falls under "really cool and completely pointless." One of the most important technology categories. :)

I had a much less sophisticated go with the Punch Card chart, a few years back.

Example Chart: https://github.com/jammaloo/PunchCardChart/graphs/punch-card

Repo: https://github.com/jammaloo/PunchCardChart

All we need now is a beatmaker chrome extension to feed this into and create a tune.

You could use something like this: https://alemangui.github.io/Tonalhub/

haha this is awesome!

That heat map used to be a novel indicator of a user their activity. Now it just being abused these days.

*of their public activity.

*of a user's activity

...of a user's public activity.

Also, only commits to a master branch, for some very odd reason.

Contributions to private repos are also taken into account.

Only if you're logged in; not sure if the status is visible if you're part of the same team. (look at your own profile in an anonymous browsing window, if you contribute to a private repo)

That's very clever - but I can't keep thinking that you would go to hell for using it...

Finally a use for the GitHub heatmap.

I'm a fan. It motivates me to stay active with open source even when my work does not directly involve open source coding.

Also a useful indicator of whether or not a user is likely to respond to PRs or issues even if the project you're looking at itself is a low-traffic project.

But now it won't, it seems :(

It's always been easy to screw with.

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