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Teletext time travel (transdiffusion.org)
105 points by dsr12 on Jan 18, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

More technical info on how this works (specifically dealing with VHS bandwidth being lower than TV bandwidth and "de-blurring" the data): https://github.com/ali1234/vhs-teletext/blob/master/README#L...

Snapshot from 1980 and I don't feel like I'm looking at something old, fascinating!

I still use teletext daily as an app on my phone. One of the fastest way to check sport results and read some news.

I was fascinated to learn that there are still teletext services here in Finland. There's even mobile apps now to access them without a TV.

Yes, in Switzerland as well. It's so odd seeing so many people using these apps to check hockey and soccer results – on a smartphone!

Same in Netherlands. Little text, so it's straight to the point, and no ads,

It differs a lot by country. Flemish Belgium is about to stop with it because of low usage, while in the Netherlands it is still going strong (although I guess most people access it over the Internet now).

Same in Austria, even accessible through web at http://teletext.orf.at/

Apart from the limited (aka 'hideois') color palette, limited character set, and limited resolution, the original format had an extra feature that made it challenging to design pages: spacing attributes.

What that meant was that, whenever you wanted to change color (text and/or background), you _had_ to insert a space in the page.

So, for example, showing text on a background Dutch or German flag was easy, doing so on a Belgian, French or Italian one could not be done nicely.

Apparently run time of the decoding is still a problem. I wonder if it lends itself to massively parallel execution like with CUDA or something.

We never had much teletext in the US but I remember back in the 80s there would be these touch screen teletext like systems in BART stations in the bay area.

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