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Started out with Ruby on Rails, changed to Python (pylons) + mako + toscawidgets + postgres for more flexibility. Considering giving Common Lisp (Uncommon Web) a try, but the documentation scared the heck out of me.

We are currently looking at both Ruby and Python... What made you change, what makes you feel more flexible? We have been evaluating some of the Python frameworks and are currently trying to weight the positive and negatives of all the options... Any huge issues or just a bunch of different little things?

To be honest the different isn't that huge. The major reason I chose python is because there are many python web libraries that conform to WSGI standard, which means I can easily swap out components (routing, template, widgets, database mapping, etc.) that suites me the best. As a result there is a broader variety of each type to choose from in python.

Rails, as stated by its creators, is opinionated software, so you're stuck with their preferred way of doing things, which fortunately is not too bad as of now. So if you're a control-freak like me who also wants to squeeze more juice out of your CPU cycles, then go for python. If you want to put your trust in a well-integrated framework of components cherry-picked by smart folks, then go for rails or django (also python, but a little less flexible).

Here's a fairly up-to-date overview of python web dev options: http://jesusphreak.infogami.com/blog/vrp1

I feel horrible for not giving python a chance .... but then there are only so many languages one can do mock-ups in .... before making a decision

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