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Versus learning from the first person you come across in real life? Or not at all because it's all too hard compared with searching the net?

IMO, there is a fair amount of. "Those who can do. Those who can't teach."

Sure, you can find some videos of people making a wooden clock online. It's much harder to find master craftsman making a watch. A few PHD students putting together an electric car vs. someone at GM actually designing a car. Home cook vs. Five Star Chef.

Granted, generally an amateur is fine. But, don't be surprised if there making several mistakes without noticing.

> IMO, there is a fair amount of. "Those who can do. Those who can't teach."

That applies to occupations, not to hobbies. I.e. those who can't find a proper job using their skill go on to teach that skill.

It does not however apply to the most valuable content - one made not for money, but out of love for the subject. A lot of masters in all occupations simply like to share. Our industry is probably the best example - it's almost entirely built upon masters who gave away their knowledge. But it happens in other industries too.

and these master would teach random people from the street about their craft?

in sincerely doubt that...

Clickspring. /r/artisanvideos

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