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We're looking for someone to do some high quality customer service, but that has a healthy understanding of IT (we sell IT products and services). Want to trial someone for a week or two first. (Unpaid) which then may move to part/full time paid. Would suit someone still studying.

We're also looking for anyone that'd be interested in Delphi.net coding, working under a senior developer (unpaid currently).

Actually. If you're looking for any kind of work where you can push your skill set and get a good reference, just email me at khuram@xs-pro.co.uk -- we're based in the UK but you can be based anywhere as we're do everything remotely.

PS. If i don't reply to you within two days, it may mean i havent received your email (aggressive spam filter) in which case, tweet me at twitter.com/KhuramMalik

Thank you.

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