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Overgrowth has been painful to follow.

Years ago, I loved to read their blog. Lots of interesting technical articles. But development has pretty much stalled for years.

IIRC, these guys are also behind Humble Indie Bundle, so money should not be a problem for them but it would be nice to finally see them ship the damn game.

I tried out the alpha or beta and I thought it was quite good for the type of game they are trying to make. I assure you they don't even need the Humble Bundle money - David has been selling copies for a long time and sold over 100k copies on Steam alone (that is around $3m USD), and I'm pretty sure they sold the majority of their copies off of Steam. His other mini game, Receiver, sold +600k copies on Steam @$5 each, which is another $3m (of course, you have to factor in Steam's ~30 percent cut and taxes, but still....)

They definitely do some interesting things but last time I tried it, it played a lot more like a prototype than a game in development for nearly a decade.

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