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I will say that it's really disconcerting for an American to see the European "comma for decimal, period for thousands" notation alongside the dollar sign.

It's a bizarre style choice. Especially if they chose to express the numbers in dollars to make the amounts more relatable to international readers.

Why? A currency symbol does not come with a decimal/thousands separator convention.

Doesn't it? People typically use the currency symbol for their country.

I've found that over time, it became easy for me to parse. It's just one arbitrary set of conventions over another.

Making the superfluous grapheme smaller and the important graphee larger actually makes logical sense for me. YMMV

If you think that's bad, wait until you see the crazy things people do with dates. Day/Month/Year is crazy enough, but then you have people using the nonsensical Month/Day/Year.

I hold out hope that one day we'll all be using Year/Month/Day, but given how slowly the metric conversion is going I hold out little hope (as a Brit I can't apologise enough for the imperial system).

+1 Year/Month/Day has the added benefit of making chronological ordering as alphanumerical ordering.

Why not just get used to it? Nowadays I only infer the meaning of commas and dots from the context. Because now matter which one you pick, someone is going to get confused.

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