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No worries, thanks for responding. I'm in a pretty similar position to you although I haven't yet reached the 3 year mark, more like 2. I also tend to have ADHD with my hobby projects that I do on the side. There's this open source project based on Rust that I want to contribute to on my spare time (I've already looked at Android and made an app, but for some reason I'm not compelled to pursue mobile development professionally) and of course I've already told you about NodeJS.

Easier said than done, but I'd advise to just stick with the web dev right now and focus on the other stuff later (if ever). Web apps are increasingly standing in for native mobile apps (that's partly why I gave up on Android) and Rust hasn't really reached a level where it's lucrative for professionals. Just be pragmatic and catch up on your web stuff right now (like I am right now) and once you think you've covered your bases then you can focus on the "for fun" stuff (Rust - although it would be awesome if someone could prove me wrong).

I can see what you mean with regards to mobile development. Android is not exactly 'fun' to work with so far.

So much XML, it feels like you need to write two or three times as much code to implement any functionality than you do on any other language/platform. It feels so heavyweight.

I think you're right though, I might delay picking up Rust for a while and learn some web tech. It was just going to be something fun to do in my spare time.

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