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In my opinion, that's what has been missing with Starbound, which has been one of the punchingbags for crowdfunding/pre-order games. The engine looks great and it has a lot of unique content - but its just an engine right now, with no real content for people to play through while they task and tinker with changes (they are on, what, the 4th full combat overhaul?). In contrast, during development of Terraria or Minecraft you could get enjoy playing it.

The major difference is that Starbound made heaps of money (not to mention that Terraria sold 7 million + units!) I'm still looking for change under the couch. :)

Heaps of money do not make you happy! They just change what stresses you. Don't discount just giving users the ability to build, I spent 10 times more time building in MC then I did playing "the game".

Oh come on, that's just... not right, given the amount of work and time you put into it. I don't see any "Donate" button on your page, so I just bought the pre-order. Don't lose it all under the couch ;).

Thanks for your support! :)

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