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From a technical point of view it's amazing.

Artistically, the voxels are too big to look impressive to anyone used to polygon graphics, and too small to give off the "pixel-art" aesthetic of Minecraft or Terarria.

I want to play the game evoked by the banner at the top of the page, but not the one I see in the video.

I agree. The pixels are small enough that it falls into this sort of uncanny valley of the terrain almost looking realistic, but not really.

It would be better almost to go further in either direction: either make the pixels smaller and therefore the terrain and characters look much more realistic (probably technical challenges in doing this), or make them larger so it gives off the "pixel-art" look.

Yep - many things that need to be tuned visually but I don't have the time budget for it yet :) I do agree though - it actually does look better sometimes at either much lower or much higher resolution.

It can be more like the top banner (higher res, and isometric) if set to isometric mode. It is resolution constrained for realtime / perspective camera due to all the heavy computing done in in ray marching.

There are portions that look like that[1], he's just been showing off the terrain in the last few updates. Check his videos page[2], about 2/3's the way down.

1: https://youtu.be/gW04jTU5FQw

2: http://www.voxelquest.com/videos.html

Want to register some support for what I see in the video - the banner looks cool, but I'm a lot more excited about the more detailed procedurally generated terrain in the video.

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