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Are the game engine and game coupled together?

Meaning if I purchase the Alpha game key, will that give me access to the game engine during Alpha to start looking at that side of things?

Yes, in fact the full source is going up on github, likely right around or during release of the first alpha build.

Oh, wow! How did I miss this? If you are pushing the source on github (regardless of license, I want to avoid that rathole) just so others can learn from what you did, then where do I go to fund you?

Source will be public but I have to attach a license at least for the first couple years. If you are interested in supporting me, you can either preorder a copy or become a patron:

http://www.voxelquest.com/patrons.html :)

Well Gavin, enjoy updating your active patrons list. This bit of love from Hacker News should do you good, in a variety of ways!

Watching the demo today woke up, in me, some long forgotten excitement. My son and I enjoy the hell out of Minecraft. It's a great game and it arrived in its space at just the right time.

What you're doing, though, is going to push things in a new, even more exciting direction, in ways that you can't even imagine yet.

Thanks! I hope so :)

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