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Just booted it. The EULA is frightening to say the least.

1. "You agree that you irrevocably waive any and all ownership, legal and moral rights to your user content."

2. You're also not allowed to oppose "the basic principles determined in the Constitution of the People's Republic of China", harm it's "national honor and interests", or undermine it's "national religious policy, promoting cults and superstitions".

3. Also, you're not allowed to spread rumor, disturb social order, or undermine social stability.

There's other strange rules of conduct that just turned me off from the entire project. Besides, it doesn't see either of my wireless adapters and the desktop blanked out when it attempted to adjust my screen resolution:)

I'm still interested in getting completely off Windows 10, so I'll stick with Linux for now.

If this is really true [1] and not an exaggeration, there is no way on Earth I will touch this or let anyone I care about touch it with a 100-foot pole.

Closed source? Waive legal rights? to my own content? Not criticize China?

Not in 100 million years. Glad I switched to 100% Ubuntu. Donated and anticipating 16.04 LTS in April.

It's one thing to get pressured into a gray area w/r/t freedoms in exchange for some perceived benefit, but to explicitly waive them and endanger myself to a foreign power? Who knows what China would do? No way.

How do these people even make a EULA with a straight face and expect people to drink it up? Even though Windows and OSX are closed-source, at least hackers have a grasp on what it's doing and you're not instantly giving up rights and ownership when you turn it on.

This crosses my line in the sand.

[1] I've been trying to find the EULA online somewhere, but can't so far. Any leads? I'm afraid to install this and look at the EULA.

>Glad I switched to 100% Ubuntu. Donated and anticipating 16.04 LTS in April.

Try Trisquel if your hardware supports it.

Thank you for donating.

This should be considered malware for the first point.

The others are impossible for China to enforce outside of China but if your content somehow got to them via this OS, they can legally sell your content to anyone. It'd be your responsibility to challenge that in various courts. It's just not worth it.

If this is really true, wtf. I wonder why we see RemixOS for the third time on HN frontpage within days.

On the other side Win10 eula is almost as bad. The difference is they really enforce their things and even backported some to Win7/8 disguised as security updates. Why do they get away with this? Why do we occasionally see "positiv comments" about it on HN.

> On the other side Win10 eula is almost as bad.

This must reach some sort of high point for satirically awful comments here. Really? Can you point to the bit of the Win 10 EULA that allows Microsoft to claim anything you create with it as theirs?

Take it from the positive side - looks like there will be finally a year of Linux desktop (even if because of being pushed out of other operating systems due to their draconian terms of use)! ;-)

Nearly all of that is the same as Xiaomi's EULA: http://www.mi.com/my/about/agreement/

Perhaps it is legal boilerplate for People's Republic of China companies.

Consider that an American EULA might require a "worldwide, sublicenseable, irrevocable [...]" user content license, and forbid activites illegal in the USA.

"Perhaps it is legal boilerplate for People's Republic of China companies."

It seems like that text is from this government web site: http://www.cac.gov.cn/2015-02/04/c_1114246561.htm

e.g. "宣扬邪教和封建迷信的" is roughly the same as the "promoting cults and superstitions" found in the EULA.

the weird thing is that I don't see those terms in any other searchable, English language EULA.

Did you look only at EULAs for downloadable software, or more broadly? How about the ones below?



I would recommend trying the parent project then, which is Open Source under APL 2.0 - http://www.android-x86.org/

Thanks for pointing this out. I've written about this in Xataka (http://www.xataka.com/servicios/remix-os-promete-pero-su-lic...), where I work as editor, and after getting in contact with Jide's team they've let us known that these terms apply only to China and that they will update the EULA:

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In full disclosure, we utilized the language (relevant to China and China only) and copied it over to the EULA for our international ROM. Our legal team has now reviewed this and has removed all language pertaining to legal and moral rights of the data as well as anything that mentions the Chinese government as this is not relevant to non-Chinese users. This is a very serious matter and will be corrected in all future releases of the EULA."

I just booted this up in a virtual machine and I managed to copy the EULA to the clipboard:


I'm posting this from within RemixOS, so I can't say any bad things about China right now :)

What an amazing thing to put in a EULA. Are they somehow sponsored by China?

Jide appears to be a Chinese company founded by former Google employees:


> 北京技德科技有限公司

If the stuff above is in their EULA, it's probably Chinese legal boilerplate. More heavy handed than the boilerplate we're used to, perhaps.

Thanks for the heads up, no way I'm touching this.

From the EULA, point 1 applies to anything you upload to their site or to "Jide services". Jide services require registration and are necessary to some functionality within the OS. This could be a horrible interpretation of giving up certain rights to content you share on a social network or site.

It's awful, yes, but it may not apply to everything you do within ReactOS. The other 2 points do apply to everything you do in ReactOS, so you're supposed to censor yourself based on Chinese government censorship policies whenever you use it.

I would not be surprised if RemixOS had a spyware/keylogger/backdoor installed. Do not trust it unless they open source the whole OS.

Interested in getting off Win 10 because of the legal issues or because you don't like the UX?

I love most of the interface. There's still a few bugs that haven't been addressed, but it's 95% solidly done.

The telemetry capture is a huge issue for me and also no longer releasing the contents of updates. I've done what I can to limit or minimize how much information is collected, but I shouldn't have to do that.

When Microsoft released their metrics on Windows 10 usage (for example, how many times their Photos app had been used), people should've been absolutely livid. Who knows what else is captured besides the process list?

It's way too black box for me.

Fuck China.

-- posted from my RemixOS desktop

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