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Look at the Netgear 516. It's got BTRFS and is plug and play. It has a small plugin library, super quiet, except for the first 20 seconds it starts up. Holds 6 disks. And it has intel server processor and more reliable sever ram. Unlike say qnap and synology which have probably more features / plugins it has less but I was sold on the file system and overall it does what I need. Support updates have been fast and perfect from what I've seen too.

If you go your own route, look at this server case silverstone cs-ds380b. I think paired with a mini-itx server board with the most sata ports, maybe get some ECC ram, server rated intel processor. I wish I knew the best software route to go. I've considered Amahi in the past and of course FreeNAS. I supect even a couple commercial packages could be sweet to have.

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