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The article you link to is disingenuous (IMHO), it talks about performance during a rebuild, but then says this: "When you replace and resilver a disk in a mirror vdev, your pool is again minimally impacted – you’re doing simple reads from the remaining member of the vdev, and simple writes to the new member of the vdev." If you're only doing "simple reads" then your storage array is not serving any writes, in which case why are you concerned about performance at all?

Each "Home NAS" is going to have very different requirements (to each his own). If you are concerned about reliability and want to be protected against a dual-drive failure, you're better off with RAIDZ2 than with a bunch of striped mirrors, because with RAIDZ2 you can have any two drives fail, where as with an array of mirrors you still have this nagging chance that the second disk in your degraded VDEV will fail and you will loose the entire pool.

Chances are that your home NAS does not have a 4-hour disk replacement SLA.

Also, just blindly recommending to mirror everything may not be the best option for a lot of home users that don't want to loose half of their raw capacity to parity.

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