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Git2Go’s 2015 sales numbers (medium.com)
22 points by herbigt on Jan 13, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

Just a quick comment: reading the article and also going to the Git2Go website I had a considerable amount of trouble understanding what this app does and why I would want it. It clones git repositories... where? To the phone? Why?

Not trying to be confrontational, just trying to be helpful ;-) If you could put some use cases front and center on your website and then obviously link to them from articles like this one, it would make it much easier for people like me to evaluate if I want to take a look at it.

Yes, it enables you to clone Git repositories to your phone for you to change files, make new branches and push and pull changes.

Possible use cases: - make a quick edit to a pull request you made - blog using Jekyll - see what your team has been up to while you are on your way - look at code where a computer is just not convenient to use, e.g. while commuting

Just to be sure we are not talking on iPhone only, as it is a universal app it runs on iPad and particularly the iPad pro too. The iPad pro focuses on producing rather than consuming and Git2Go fits perfectly into this scheme.

The 'expenses' part is not really fair. The developers need to eat, and they probably need to pay income tax. The expenses are probably much hire if you factor in that time is not free and that making money is also not free. I also don't need them mention the Apple iOS developer program membership fee, or the costs of macbooks.

That is true, we didn't list the equipment as it is not Git2Go specific. I already had the membership for the program because of other apps, my MacBook I had anyways and did not buy it for Git2Go. Income Tax applies that is true but is set for each person individually. This is still revenue, so everything we got paid by Apple not our income tax report. The only cost that was Git2Go specific was the GitHub membership.

Very interesting. Is there a collection of posts detailing SAAS sales numbers anywhere?

Git2Go isn't SAAS

I will say that it's really disconcerting for an American to see the European "comma for decimal, period for thousands" notation alongside the dollar sign.

It's a bizarre style choice. Especially if they chose to express the numbers in dollars to make the amounts more relatable to international readers.

Why? A currency symbol does not come with a decimal/thousands separator convention.

Doesn't it? People typically use the currency symbol for their country.

I've found that over time, it became easy for me to parse. It's just one arbitrary set of conventions over another.

Making the superfluous grapheme smaller and the important graphee larger actually makes logical sense for me. YMMV

If you think that's bad, wait until you see the crazy things people do with dates. Day/Month/Year is crazy enough, but then you have people using the nonsensical Month/Day/Year.

I hold out hope that one day we'll all be using Year/Month/Day, but given how slowly the metric conversion is going I hold out little hope (as a Brit I can't apologise enough for the imperial system).

+1 Year/Month/Day has the added benefit of making chronological ordering as alphanumerical ordering.

Why not just get used to it? Nowadays I only infer the meaning of commas and dots from the context. Because now matter which one you pick, someone is going to get confused.

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