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BTRFS allows you to add, remove drives, and change RAID levels on a mounted filesystem, while able to use differently sized drives efficiently. That alone wins me over. Some people still say BTRFS isn't ready for production, but I've had fewer problems with it than with ZFS (YMMV). Still, I don't care much as I have multiple backups.

I decided to try BTRFS on my NAS because it didn't require rebuilding a kernel. The ability to add disks to an array and have it rebalance made it very appealing.

Unfortunately, the three-drive filesystem lasted two weeks before it became unmountable. The only thing that let me mount it was finally running btrfsck. I was left with 57 unrecoverable errors, and lots of lost data.

I would not recommend running BTRFS in RAID5 or RAID6 just yet. Stick with mirroring, if you want to use it, and rebalance to RAID5/6 later on when it's more stable.

Which kernel, and did you file a bug report?

e: To anyone not up on btrfs, its features are closely tied to the kernel version it's used with. For example, raid56 scrub and device replace, and recovery and rebuild code were not available prior to kernel 3.19.

I also believe the only way to use 5/6 modes before they were stable was to explicitly compile with them enabled. It wasn't just something you could accidentally do.

It was 4.2.5-1-ARCH, and I didn't file a bug report, no.

I didn't have much data to submit. No kernel panics, no useful error messages, nothing beyond it saying it wouldn't mount. One could read the tea leaves from the filesystem as it sat, but such data spelunking could take a while on an 8TB partition, and I wanted to get the disks back into use.

I didn't notice the corruption until after I had unmounted it, so scrubbing it wasn't an option.

Thanks, that is what I wanted to know. Not what I hoped to hear, but what are you gonna do?

I recently got myself a new home server and decided to use FreeBSD and ZFS, so the question is settled for me for the moment. I still hope Btrfs gets there in the not-too-distant future, though.

When I was looking to install BTRFS, I saw tons of warnings not to install RAID5 or RAID6 because the code is not finished yet. The other levels are fine.

The last time I checked, using the RAID5/6-like feature was not stable, yet. Have they made progress on that?

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