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In light of today's news, I think it really sucks that they didn't have this technology available earlier so that David Bowie could still be with us, and also Lemmy from Motorhead who also died of cancer just a week or two ago.

I'd rather have my mom back, but you're right! David Bowie would improve the world so much!

Indeed. Moreover, if you consider the number of people who die every day, it's almost - no, it's precisely cruel our civilization is mostly ignoring the problems of aging and death. We should be pouring much more resources and people into this.

Meh, humanity is pretty good at producing more humans.

Would you maintain that attitude when confronted with your own or your loved one's diagnosis for something terminal and agonizing? Or is that cavalier, pretentiously "utilitarian" stoicism reserved for the young and invincible?

And even if you don't value your own health, substituting another warm body in place of a cold one does not undo the suffering caused by disease and death. All those people you don't care about deserve better than your "meh." And thank goodness we have so many people who disagree with it.

The same goes for the billions of people to have died of cancer so far.

We don't have the technology now either. It'll be at least 3 more years at best. That's probably a decade too late for Bowie.

We can't change the past but perhaps we can do something to discover more cures in the next decade. Almost 6 million people in the US alone die of cancer every decade. Many people are robbed of a few more good years.

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