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As a former Java/Spring developer from the mid-2000s trying to get back into the fold, I think Ruby on Rails is the best bet. It is not the latest and greatest and its a tad slow performance wise but what it lacks in speed it makes up in clarity. Especially on the documentation/tutorial front which makes for a quicker learning experience. I find the most interesting part of RoR is its "curated" (almost Microsoft like) environment where choices are mostly made for you instead of banging your head against the wall making choices about all the different libraries and tools you should use.

From what I've seen recently, RoR work seems to have decent pay when doing it remotely, compared to PHP. Perhaps less competition on price from developing countries?

I intend to learn RoR in the nearby future as well, since I'd like to do more remote work and less "on location" work (which I currently do as iOS dev).

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Given that I don't know the score of the answers, such "+1" answers are useful to me. Thanks!

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