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Show HN: Freeciv-Earth play anywhere on earth (freeciv.org)
63 points by roschdal on Jan 10, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

Freeciv-web now supports choosing any map in the world using OpenStreetMap, and playing Freeciv on that map. I implemented this feature this weekend. Feel free to post any feedback here.

Well that is pretty damn impressive! Well done!

Thanks! Do you have any ideas for other interesting things to do with OSM maps and Freeciv? We could for example use the GeoLocation APIs in Javascript also.

By the way, the nice OSM map is provided by https://www.mapbox.com/

The satellite/aerial imagery you show on the first page is strictly a Mapbox product, it isn't something from OSM. So attributing OSM on that slippy is incorrect.

Do you pull OSM data from somewhere to generate the map? I get the idea that the map is maybe being built from the shown imagery tiles, in which case OSM wouldn't be involved at all.

You are correct, the map is provided by Mapbox.com. I have fixed this now.

This is why open protocols, if not open source, is so important for growing a culture.

I would love to see how a battle for my neighborhood would go. Please enable geolocation.

If you're in the suburbs, it seems like the barbarian spawn rate might be too high. (And, by "barbarian", I mean "children".)

But, I agree. I've often thought how cool it would be to be able to generate game maps (for all sorts of games) of various real places, including places I'm familiar with. Civ is the low-hanging fruit. Not to say this isn't an impressive feat; it's very cool.

Looks cool, but I get a Network error, "Unable to communicate with the civclientlauncher servlet. Error: error OK null". Do I have to install something first?

Edit: I've never played Freeciv before

Hi, perhaps you could try starting the game again? The error seems to indicate a temporary network error, but it should be working correctly now.

This is awesome!!! Thank you!

It loaded really fast on my macbook pro in FF. Thanks for that!

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