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Show HN: Vimer – Convenience wrapper for gvim/mvim --remote(-tab)-silent (github.com/susam)
3 points by susam on Jan 9, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Here is a brief description of the files from the commit log:

There are two scripts.

* vimer.cmd -- Batch script for Windows

* vimer -- Shell script for Linux and Mac OS X

I have been using these scripts for about six years now. I wrote them when I was working on multiple desktop environments, and I wanted a uniform and convenient way to open a file for editing in GVim while navigating directories in a shell or a file browser. I also wanted to ensure that while doing so the desktop does not become cluttered with too many editor Windows.

The scripts solve the problem of editing files from the shell. The Windows script is also capable of creating context menu options to edit files from Windows Explorer. The README.md file contains detailed documentation on how to create similar context menu options in Linux and Mac OS X.

I am releasing these scripts and the documentation now under the terms of the MIT License in the hope that these might turn out to be useful for others who use Vim the way I do.

More details are in the README: https://github.com/susam/vimer#readme.

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