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I'm reasonably fit, but I'd never stood for the whole day, until two weeks ago. Then I started running the family business while the parents went away for vacation. I decided to stand / walk instead of grabbing a stool because I thought it would compensate for the lack of other exercise I'd be getting - business hours are fairly long, and I really don't feel like workout out after.

Take-aways so far:

- When standing, I automatically change it up - sometimes I stand up-right, sometimes I stand with my legs split a bit.

- After a couple of days of discomfort, I can basically stand all day, no issues.

- I come home, and sit. And if I'm watching TV, I pass out for a good 20 minutes. Automatic nap.

- I don't feel sleepy at work at all. Zero lethargy. I don't feel sleepy after lunch.

Some advice:

- Try to engage your core, your glutes, legs.. different muscles to keep you upright.

- Change things up. I try not to lurch. To lower myself, I split my legs a bit. Sometimes for fun (while reading email, random junk online..) I do a half-squat.

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