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Images and Sketch files of popular devices (facebook.github.io)
140 points by kilimchoi on Jan 7, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

I hope it's fine to post this link, but I have some simple, free sketch sheets of phones, tablets and web browsers. These are designed for printing out and sketching on paper. They are in SVG so you can create your own sketch sheets. The files are CC licenced.


Very handy, but this page could do with a proper CC licence rather than the vague "feel free but don't" statement. I'm currently on mobile & the links don't appear to be working properly, so please correct me if there actually is a licence and I just can't see it.

Yeah, all I could find was this disclaimer.

  While Facebook has redrawn and shares these assets for the benefit of the design community, Facebook does not own any of the underlying product or user interface designs. By accessing these assets, you agree to obtain all necessary permissions from the underlying rights holders and/or adhere to any applicable brand use guidelines before using them. Facebook disclaims all express or implied warranties with respect to these assets, including non-infringement of intellectual property rights.
And this text at the end of the copy.

  Feel free to use these files in any private or public space. Please do not repackage and redistribute these as your own.
Needs an actual copyleft license on there somewhere before I use it.

I don't see any links. I also looked inside one of the zip file too. Nothing there about it.

The source files are exclusively Sketch, and Photoshop/PSD is absent. The UI design community has been shifting for more than a year, Apple started releasing UI templates in Sketch in addition to Photoshop in 2015 — Google even earlier.

Illustrator is still highly relevant for its strength, vector based work, while Sketch has surpassed Photoshop for UI.

The momentum is only increasing, even with bugs and issues found in Sketch. It's obvious the interface design community desires better tools. I wonder if Adobe Comet stands a chance with disruption we're seeing?

Part of Sketch's draw (in my opinion anyway) is that you can buy it. $99 and done.

Alternatively, you could take that money and rent either Illustrator for 3 months or all of Creative Cloud for 2 months.

Even if I didn't like Sketch better, that would be tough to argue with.

OS X only. What a pity. Also, has anyone reverse-engineered the file format yet?

It's actually SQLite.

It's just XML IIRC.

So is SVG! Hell even docx is just XML!

It's a bit like saying "it's just ones and zeros".

Not really. XML parsers are readily available for every mainstream programming language. DOCX is a public standard as well. Unlike "ones and zeros", XML's structure is transparent.

Have you ever tried to parse DOCX/XMLX/PPTX anti-XML pattern? A XML-serialization of their old OLE based formats.

SVG, OpenDocument, ... are real XML based formats.

It really is just a better experience through and through for mocking UI. Once you get the simple keyboard shortcuts down and a decent set of icons / graphics from sketchappresources.com, you can do a lot very quickly. I recently discovered that you can pair this with keynote to do some quick and effective UI animations.

Could this be considered an example of Facebook commoditizing their complement? In other words, if Facebook can encourage cross-platform or multi-platform software in general, does it make it harder for hardware companies to differentiate themselves with platform-specific features that compete with Facebook (e.g. iMessage or Xbox Live)?

I suppose this would also go for Flux/React/GraphQL and, to a lesser extent, Open Compute.

Thanks for sharing, this is pretty amazing.

Really useful. Thanks!

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