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The point of having an iPod with that much storage isn't so you can listen to more than one CD on your commute, it's so you can leave for your commute and THEN choose which 20-40 minutes of music to listen to.

When I had a discman and I wanted to listen to music, guess what I had to choose from? One burned CD if I was lucky, and Mutter by Rammstein if I was slightly less lucky. When I have an iPod or iPhone and I want to listen to music, I can choose any song I own.

Ah I see the 45 minutes was misleading. I didn't mean it because otherwise you could just use a mobile CD player (are these still being made?). Just in general I wouldn't see a point in having a MP3 player, unless I went the same extremely boring route every day for long stretches of time (and not by bicycle).

I suppose the majority of people are commuters, so maybe commuting alone is sufficient to explains the high market penetration of iPods.

Everybody uses them in the gym as well. Working out is actually pretty boring.

That's why I prefer running (beautiful scenery) and Yoga (beautiful women) :-)

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