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My overall point with that sentence was that the more tech literate someone is, the less likely they are to benefit from the ease-of-use gains, and the more tech literate someone is, the more likely they are to regularly utilize their "lost freedoms".

This is utter nonsense. That's the same as claiming, that the more tech literate you are, the more ugly UI you need. Ease-of-use means being more efficient for everyone. Or are most tech literate still punching cards? iPad is not the device you will do your tech literate stuff: you will use your computer for that.

Why do people think that iPad has to replace something? Sure, if all one does is browsing, some emails, and a couple of games, iPad may be the he or she they needs. For others (including "tech literate" people), it makes a great complementary device, best suited for browsing, e-books, etc. I wouldn't want to hack in Ruby on iPad, but when browsing on my couch with my iPad, with its IPS screen, portrait orientation and amazing multitouch UI I couldn't care less about all the freedom it has not.

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