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The other unmentioned thing is how Apple will approach the cloud. That massive data center they're building can't just be for streaming music and video to iTunes customers.

I bet you see iPad evolve into Apple's cloud computing platform while the OSX-based notebooks stay they way they are.

This also has some serious long term problems for Mac OS. What if Apple decides (or has already decided) that the future is closed-architecture cloud computing devices? You'd see OS X (OS XI?) dead before the decade is over.

Unlikely. Developers and designers are still necessary for Apple, and cannot be locked in easily. (neither technically nor psychologically)

At this point, there's a lot more money to be made with a successful app on the Cocoa Touch platform compared to Cocoa/OSX.

Yes, but you are developing those Cocoa Touch apps on a full-blown computer running OS X.

As the IPhone SDKs currently run on Mac OSX, if they kill OSX how are people going to develop for whatever the IPad develops into?

It raises an interesting question though. Is Apple slightly killing off their supply of future developers? If people don't grow up with programmable machines will the IPad generation be so into programming or as knowledgeable about computers actually work in general. I know a fair chunk of my knowledge has come from diagnosing and fixing faults in computers.

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